Turn off SSH passwords in Ubuntu, connect via SSH keys only

Ssh Keys

Once you have a successful connection to your remote instance with SSH keys, it is better practice to disable SSH Password Authentication to mitigate further bruteforce password attempts, this coupled with a service like Fail2ban will further strengthen your Virtual instance. Remote into your VPS via SSH and open the SSH config file: nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config…

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Set monit to monitor mariadb on a RunCloud instance on Ubuntu 22.04

Monit Mariadb

Get up and running with Monit on Ubuntu 22.04 Install Monit SSH as root into your VM instance and install Monit apt update apt install monit Start/stop/restart and see the status of monit systemctl status monit systemctl start monit systemctl stop monit systemctl restart monit Status will tell if it’s running root@mel1:~# systemctl status monit●…

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Restart and view status of RunCloud services on the Command Line

Runcloud Mariadb Openlitespeed

Here are some command line commands to view the status as well as restart some key services such as OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, Redis and Memcached, after having SSH’ed in to your server as root. MySQL/MariaDB Get the status of MariaDB systemctl status mariadb Output will be similar to above, this gives a lot of information on…

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Converting MySQL/MariaDB database tables from MyISAM to InnoDB

Myisam Convert Innodb Storage Engine Wordpress

The InnoDB storage engine in MySQL/MariaDB is more performant than MyISAM – here are a few ways to change that database structure, using both the command line and also some WordPress plugins. Changing from MyISAM to InnoDB via the command line If you have wp-cli installed on your webserver you can check for MyISAM tables…

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