Override the Beaver Builder LightBox Plugin

Here is a quick guide on how to override the Beaver Builder Lightbox plugin in which you may wish to run another lightbox plugin instead. If you are using the Beaver Builder plugin, then add in your theme’s function.php add_filter( ‘fl_builder_override_lightbox’, ‘__return_true’ ); Additionally, if you are running the Beaver Builder Theme then you need…

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Change Default Values in Beaver Builder Themes Customizer Settings

Change Default Customizer Settings Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder Themes default values in the Customizer can be changed with the fl_theme_add_panel_data filter. These are the values when you click on the default button that return a value set from the original code. The filter is found bb-theme/classes/class-fl-customizer.php and takes 2 parameters $key and $data, the former being the customizer panel and…

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Changing the Customizer Values & Presets for the Beaver Builder Theme


Here is a quick way to override the active preset that comes with the Beaver Builder Theme in the Customizer. This may come in handy if you need to start off with your own preset settings and perhaps remove all the other presets so the theme cannot be drastically changed. You can obviously override the preset…

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Add Search Icon After Menu using Beaver Themer with the Beaver Theme


Here’s how you can add a search icon after a menu in a header done in the Beaver Theme using Beaver Themer. Create a Shortcode for the Beaver Builder Search function add_shortcode( ‘bb_search’,’bb_search_shortcode’ ); /* Add Search via shortcode */ function bb_search_shortcode() { ob_start(); FLTheme::nav_search(); return ob_get_clean(); } Create the Header in Beaver Themer Create…

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Add System Font Stack to Customiser Preset in Beaver Builder Theme & Plugin


A system font stack is a series of fonts that are native to Apple, Windows and Linux desktop and mobile operating systems, they are inbuilt so are fast to load and provide a relatively comfortable and consistent display across different mediums. Beaver Theme 1.6.2 has added some additional filters that allow extra fonts to be…

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