Add Search & Filter Pro with Ajax Reload to Beaver Builder Post Masonry Grid

Masonry Ajax Beaver Builder Reload

You can use Search and Filter Pro with Beaver Builders Themer Post Module grid masonry layout with Ajax reload. This guide goes through the tweaks needed and uses a custom post type archive page with a Post Grid module that uses the main query with a masonry layout. Create your Posts Module CPT Archive Page…

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Make Beaver Themer Sticky Header And Shrink At Any Size

Beaver Themer Header Shrink Stick

You can make the Beaver Themer header stick and shrink at any viewport width by overriding the default fl-theme-builder-header-layout.js that comes with Beaver Themer, your version will overrule the Themer javascript as it runs after and can be re-declared in javascript. Create a js file, copying /wp-content/plugins/bb-theme-builder/js/fl-theme-builder-header-layout.js and enqueue it to your theme, there are 2…

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Output Beaver Builder CPT Posts in a Module that belong to a Custom Taxonomy

Beaver Builder Custom Taxonomy

Using Beaver Builder loop modules to output posts can be limited when you want to output a CPT that belongs to multiple custom Taxonomies but you only want posts to display from one taxonomy – this can be achieved in code using the fl_builder_loop_query_args filter. View the code on Gist. In the above code snippet…

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Override the Beaver Builder LightBox Plugin

Here is a quick guide on how to override the Beaver Builder Lightbox plugin in which you may wish to run another lightbox plugin instead. If you are using the Beaver Builder plugin, then add in your theme’s function.php add_filter( ‘fl_builder_override_lightbox’, ‘__return_true’ ); Additionally, if you are running the Beaver Builder Theme then you need…

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