Add and Show Images in Taxonomy Templates and in Single and Archive Posts


You can add an image to a Category Taxonomy in WordPress by using ACF and selecting the categories taxonomy, so now a new image field appears in the category back end page,  the same process can be applied to other taxonomy templates such as custom taxonomies. Create a ACF Image Field for Taxonomy   Create…

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WordPress Custom Fields Missing When ACF is Active


When the plugin ACF or ACF Pro 5.6.0 is active the native WordPress Custom Fields on post, pages or CPTs is not visible and gone missing. If you disable the ACF plugin the custom fields are visible again. The functionality to hide the WordPress custom fields was introduced in ACF version 5.5.13 but then made…

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Create Tabbed Content in WordPress with ACF Repeater and Tabslet


This tutorial walks through how to create a Tabbed content section in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields and Tabslet. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro comes with an addon called the Repeater field which allows a user to perpetually add additional rows of data of certain custom fields to a page or post (or custom post type) in WordPress. This can be…

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Output the label of an ACF field

You can output the label of an Advanced Custom Field: ACF field by using the get_field_object() function which stores an array of data about the custom field. /* * Output Label from ACF field */ $field_name = “acf_field_name_here”; $field = get_field_object($field_name); echo ‘<h3>’. $field[‘label’] . ‘</h3>’;

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