Changing the Genesis Header HTML Structure and MarkUp Code

In Genesis Themes you can completely change the header structure HTML  by overriding the default code from the parent Genesis theme and use your own header mark up in your Child Theme. Two types of markup can be overridden the structure and the markup. Overriding Genesis Header Structure The header structure content in Genesis is controlled by the code…

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Remove Genesis Header and Footer Content


Removing the Genesis Header and Footer areas can be accomplished with the following code which removes not only the Genesis header and footer areas but also removes the menu and breadcrumb and footer widgets content… //* Remove site header elements remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_header_markup_open’, 5 ); remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_do_header’ ); remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_header_markup_close’, 15 ); //* Remove navigation remove_theme_support( ‘genesis-menus’…

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Create a Middle Header Widget Area for a Genesis Child Theme

Most Genesis themes including the framework/sample theme come with a ‘header right‘ widget area which solves most header layouts, however there are times when an additional header middle widget area may come in handy, in particular for 3 distinct content blocks that requires a client when handing over, have to manage the content.   In the layout above you…

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Adding in a Responsive HTML Logo/Image Header via the Customizer for Genesis


This tutorial looks at replacing the CSS background technique used to display a logo/image in the Genesis framework header with an actual HTML markup inline image tag, which is better for responsive design across all devices.  This can be achieved in a couple of ways, one with a filter and one with an action. But first…

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Add inline CSS style to existing WordPress Plugin or Theme

WordPress facilitates the use of injecting inline CSS to an existing plugin or themes’ CSS via a function called wp_add_inline_style. This avoids echoing out a bunch of CSS using wp_head and is considered better practice. One of the beneficial reasons is that it only appears where the existing plugin or themes CSS appears, that is, it may not…

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