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Set Up Valet on macOS for Local WordPress Development


This is a guide on how to set up Laravel Valet on macOS for a WordPress local development environment. Using Valet as a WordPress local development solution has the main benefits of speed, being lightweight and using fewer configurations to go wrong than say a solution like Vagrant. There is a 2nd related article that…

Turn off SSH passwords in Ubuntu, connect via SSH keys only

Ssh Keys

Once you have a successful connection to your remote instance with SSH keys, it is better practice to disable SSH Password Authentication to mitigate further bruteforce password attempts, this coupled with a service like Fail2ban will further strengthen your Virtual instance. Remote into your VPS via SSH and open the SSH config file: nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config…

Install and configure Fail2ban for CloudPanel on Ubuntu 22.04

CloudPanel Fail2ban

CloudPanel out of the box comes with an application to deal with brute force attacks on SSH, NGINX and WordPress, only SSH has a configuration, the app is called Fail2ban. Fail2ban is an app which bans access to your site from IP addresses which are trying to login to your services such as SSH on port…

Add Monit to monitor MariaDB or MySQL database on a CloudPanel instance on Ubuntu 22.04

Cloudpanel Monit Mariadb

Get up and running with Monit on Ubuntu 22.04 on CloudPanel. Monit can be used to monitor your MariaDB or MySQL database and restart it if it is stopped – the database may be stopped due to a lack of server resources, or maybe killed by the OOM-Killer process which occurs when there is a…

Set up malware scanner LMD Maldet and ClamAV on a CloudPanel instance

Cloudpanel Malware Maldetect

How to set up a Maldet malware scanner with LMD Maldet and ClamAV on a CloudPanel server instance. One of the popular and open source malware scanners is an app called Linux Malware Detect and works well scanning any Linux web server, it keeps a daily updated database of known malware exploits from an updated…

Adding 7G WAF Firewall for NGINX to CloudPanel

Cloudpanel 7g Waf Firewall

The 7G WAF firewall by Jeff Starr at Perishable Press is a great addition for server level WAF protection, here is a guide on how to add it to CloudPanel‘s NGINX stack. Download the 7G WAF NGNIX version Download the 7G WAF or from the origin page here. Extract the archive and find the 2…

Disable default WordPress emails on WordPress, themes and plugin updates

Disable WordPress Default Update Emails

The PHP constants below will disable the default WordPress emails on WordPress, themes and plugin updates. They should be added into your wp-config.php file. // Disable WordPress core update emails add_filter( ‘auto_core_update_send_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); // Disable WordPress plugin update emails add_filter( ‘auto_plugin_update_send_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); // Disable WordPress theme update emails add_filter( ‘auto_theme_update_send_email’, ‘__return_false’ );

Add a Swap Partition to a Ubuntu 22.04 instance

Ubuntu 22 Swap Partition

Below is a guide on how you can add a swap disk/partition to a Ubuntu 22.04 instance, I would recommend that you have a decent amount of hard disk space available to avoid constant use of the swap drive, a process called swapping. Generally a swap partition should be equal or half the amount of…

MySQL/MariaDB [Warning] Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 32768 (request: 100000)

Mariadb Tuning

Seeing the warning recently on a number of VMs running MySQL/MariaDB. [Warning] Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 32768 (request: 100000) A MariaDB process has requested a larger amount of open files, you can verify the current limit by starting a mysql session on your server and adding on the command line:…