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Create a Middle Header Widget Area for a Genesis Child Theme

Most Genesis themes including the framework/sample theme come with a ‘header right‘ widget area which solves most header layouts, however there are times when an additional header middle widget area may come in handy, in particular for 3 distinct content blocks that requires a client when handing over, have to manage the content.   In the layout above you…

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Using Customizer to add a CSS background image to widget in WordPress

Here is a guide to add a single background image to a widget using the Customizer in WordPress, I have written up on this topic before utilising some Genesis code used in the Altitude Pro theme to be able to use on other  Genesis themes but here I just want to break it down to one single image for…

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Add HTML [br] break tag to a Widget Title in WordPress

By default you can’t add HTML to a Widget Title in WordPress, such as a break tag <br>, you can get around this by adding a filter to allow shortcode to the title area…. In functions.php file in your child theme add: add_filter(‘widget_title’, ‘do_shortcode’); add_shortcode(‘br’, ‘ng_shortcode_breaktag’); function ng_shortcode_break( $attr ){ return ‘<br />’; } Now…

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