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No Header Footer Genesis Template


Below is the code to create a Genesis template with no default header or footer elements, perfect to slot in to a page builder page. Add it in your child theme and add any other CPT names in the Template Post Type line, the option to choose it will be under the Page attributes meta…

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Changing the Genesis Header HTML Structure and MarkUp Code

In Genesis Themes you can completely change the header structure HTML  by overriding the default code from the parent Genesis theme and use your own header mark up in your Child Theme. Two types of markup can be overridden the structure and the markup. Overriding Genesis Header Structure The header structure content in Genesis is controlled by the code…

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Remove Post Info and Meta in Learn Dash Custom Post Types

Learn Dash for WordPRess has five custom post types; courses, lessons, quiz, topic and certificates – the custom post type registration names are sfwd-courses, sfwd-lessons, sfwd-quiz, sfwd-topic and sfwd-certificates respectively. To remove the default post info and post meta data from these custom post types in a Genesis theme use the following snippet in your functions.php file…

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Create a Middle Header Widget Area for a Genesis Child Theme

Most Genesis themes including the framework/sample theme come with a ‘header right‘ widget area which solves most header layouts, however there are times when an additional header middle widget area may come in handy, in particular for 3 distinct content blocks that requires a client when handing over, have to manage the content.   In the layout above you…

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