Changing the Genesis Header HTML Structure and MarkUp Code

In Genesis Themes you can completely change the header structure HTML  by overriding the default code from the parent Genesis theme and use your own header mark up in your Child Theme. Two types of markup can be overridden the structure and the markup. Overriding Genesis Header Structure The header structure content in Genesis is controlled by the code…

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Adding Classes and Attributes to HTML elements in Genesis

Attributes can be added into various HTML markup elements via filters in the Genesis Framework, these attributes can be adding in an ID or additional CSS Class, or amending the Microdata Schema including role, itemscope or itemtype attributes. The HTML markup elements/sections also known as ‘contexts‘ are originally declared as functions in the core Genesis Framework in:…

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Move Header and Footer into Site Inner in Genesis

To move both and header and footer into the Site Inner container of Genesis there needs to be a lot of repositioning going on. The gist below is based off theWordPress Genesis  Sample Theme – I need all four main elements header, content, footer-widgets and footer also to have structural wraps – header, footer-widgets and footer already have…

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Creating a FAQ Page in WordPress using ACF and jQuery

How to create a FAQ page in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields and jQuery. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro comes with a great inclusion called the Repeater field which allows a user to continually add additional rows of data of certain custom fields to a page or post (or custom post type) in WordPress. This can be an ideal client…

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Add Fallback Featured Image in Genesis


To set a fall back featured image in Genesis if one is not set, you can use a parameter in the filter genesis_get_image, in the code below I want to target a particular category and use a dashicon icon if the featured image is not set. This icon (or image) will then appear on the archive page. The genesis_get_image…

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Remove Genesis Structural Wraps from Markup


On Genesis themes, the structural .wrap is essentially an element which acts as a container for content. The sample and most of the themes have it set at 1140px wide and narrower at smaller sizes. What areas have the .wrap markup  by default are: header menu-primary menu-secondary footer-widgets footer You can see this markup in the core Genesis framework…

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