Add Copyright Symbol and Year Date in PHP

Php Copyright Year

To add a copyright symbol and year date in PHP that updates with the current year, you can use the code below… &copy; <?php echo date (‘Y’); ?> An HTML entity is used for the copyright symbol, then you have an opening PHP declaration followed by an echo, which is rendering the year using the…

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Set a conditional argument for multiple Custom Post Types in WordPress


You can set a conditional argument for multiple custom post types in WordPress using in_array The format is like so… if( in_array( get_post_type(), array( ‘treatment’, ‘package’ )) ) {//add in cpts here // do stuff } else { //what all the other post types get // do other  stuff } } It searches the array of cpts…

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Using wp_localize_script with jQuery variables including strings, booleans and integers

set a jquery value via wp-localize-script

The use of wp_localize_script is an API in WordPress is to retrieve PHP values from the database to use in javascript/jquery scripts, it can also be utilized to make string values language translatable if required, but also used to pass user defined variables/settings say from a plugin to load via a jQuery init file for a jQuery plugin. By…

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Get PHP and Shortcode to Work in WordPress Widgets

Getting PHP Working in Widgets By default any PHP code won’t execute in WordPress widgets or sidebars, you can probably get by with a plugin but you can also add a function in your themes function.php file to allow PHP to run, what you need to declare is a custom function and filter. //Allow PHP to…

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