Hide the Description and Reviews Tabs in WooCommerce Products


WooCommerce products by default show  ‘description‘ and ‘reviews‘ tabs below the product on a WordPress product page, you can hide these tabs from view as well as a third tab ‘additional information‘ with a snippet of code that goes in your themes functions.php file   As well as remove the tabs you can rename the heading…

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Change @WordPress from email address and from name sent out from website

Change Default From Email Address

WordPress sends a few emails out from a website including password reset emails that have a from email address [email protected] they also have a from name of WordPress. Two WordPress filters can change these values wp_mail_from and wp_mail_from_name – add the below code in your child themes functions.php and change the appropriate values. add_filter(‘wp_mail_from’, ‘prefix_email_from’);…

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Filtering the Gallery Image Output in WordPress – Adding Class or Data Attribute


To manipulate the linked images, specifically the links themselves in the WordPress Gallery output for doing things like adding in a CSS class or a data attribute value you can use the post_gallery filter in /wp-includes/media.php which is the right tool for the job. The filter can be applied like so… So this is an exact copy of the original…

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Adding Classes and Attributes to HTML elements in Genesis

Attributes can be added into various HTML markup elements via filters in the Genesis Framework, these attributes can be adding in an ID or additional CSS Class, or amending the Microdata Schema including role, itemscope or itemtype attributes. The HTML markup elements/sections also known as ‘contexts‘ are originally declared as functions in the core Genesis Framework in:…

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