Restart and view status of RunCloud services on the Command Line

Here are some command line commands to view the status as well as restart some key services such as OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, Redis and Memcached, after having SSH’ed in to your server as root.


Get the status of MariaDB

systemctl status mariadb
Runcloud Mariadb Status

Output will be similar to above, this gives a lot of information on the state of the database server, including where it is run from, processes it is running plus memory and CPU usage, uptime and the last few lines of anything in the error log. Use ‘q’ on the keyboard to exit the command.

To restart MariaDB run

systemctl restart mariadb


Get the status of OpenLiteSpeed

systemctl status lsws-rc

You will get a similar output to the MariaDB image, the OpenLiteSpeed info will give the location where it is loaded from, how long its been running, current processes and last few lines of the log.

To restart OpenLiteSpeed run

systemctl restart lsws-rc

Bonus: get OpenLiteSpeed version

/usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -v

Output similar to:

LiteSpeed/1.7.16 Open (BUILD built: Mon Oct 17 21:33:28 UTC 2022)
	module versions:
	lsquic 3.1.1
	modgzip 1.1
	cache 1.64
	mod_security 1.4


Get the status of Nginx

systemctl status nginx

To restart Nginx run

systemctl restart nginx


Get the status of Redis

systemctl status redis

To restart Redis run

systemctl restart redis


Get the status of Memcached

systemctl status memcached

To restart Memcached run

systemctl restart memcached

All of this is of course already possible in the RunCloud panel , but the command line gives a lot more information about the service.

Servers > Your Server > Services

Runcloud Services

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