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Add Product Price in WooCommerce as a Shortcode

Woocommerce Shortcode Product Price

Add WooCommerce Product Price as a shortcode using the product ID for the correct product add_shortcode( ‘cl_product_price’, ‘cl_woo_product_price_shortcode’ ); /** * Shortcode WooCommerce Product Price. * */ function cl_woo_product_price_shortcode( $atts ) { $atts = shortcode_atts( array( ‘id’ => null ), $atts, ‘cl_product_price’ ); if ( empty( $atts[ ‘id’ ] ) ) { return ”; }…

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Create Shortcode for the Permalink in WordPress

shortcode for permalink in wordpress

You can create a shortcode for the permalink in WordPress to use in a string output or more likely as a value for a link attribute, this can be handy if you can’t use PHP in a certain interface. add_shortcode( ‘my_permalink’, ‘my_permalink’ ); // The Permalink Shortcode function my_permalink() { ob_start(); the_permalink(); return ob_get_clean(); }…

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Image Carousel Thumbnail Slider with ACF Gallery Field in WordPress

Here is a guide on how to make an image carousel thumbnail slider with ACF in WordPress using the ACF gallery field. Lightslider, a lightweight image slider seems to fit the bill perfectly – I need it to just display simple thumbnails below the main image which on click/touch show the image in the main slide…

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Create Tabbed Content in WordPress with ACF Repeater and Tabslet


This tutorial walks through how to create a Tabbed content section in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields and Tabslet. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro comes with an addon called the Repeater field which allows a user to perpetually add additional rows of data of certain custom fields to a page or post (or custom post type) in WordPress. This can be…

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Add HTML [br] break tag to a Widget Title in WordPress

By default you can’t add HTML to a Widget Title in WordPress, such as a break tag <br>, you can get around this by adding a filter to allow shortcode to the title area…. In functions.php file in your child theme add: add_filter(‘widget_title’, ‘do_shortcode’); add_shortcode(‘br’, ‘ng_shortcode_breaktag’); function ng_shortcode_break( $attr ){ return ‘<br />’; } Now…

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