Add Navigation Arrows in WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

Woocomerce Navigation Arrows

You can add Navigation Arrows in WooCommerce Product Gallery by adding a filter and then some CSS. WooCommerce uses a slider called Flexslider and it has a few more configurable options. In functions.php add add_filter( ‘woocommerce_single_product_carousel_options’, ‘sf_update_woo_flexslider_options’ ); /** * Filer WooCommerce Flexslider options – Add Navigation Arrows */ function sf_update_woo_flexslider_options( $options ) { $options[‘directionNav’]…

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WooCommerce, Add Short or Long Description to Products on Shop Page

Add Description Product Shop Woocommerce

You can add a WooCommerce products’ long or short description to the actual product on the main shop page in WooCommerce via the woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title action hook, this hook places content immediately after the product title. Adding the Long Description to the Product Loop on the Shop page add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title’, ‘wc_add_long_description’ ); /** * WooCommerce, Add…

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Remove the Additional Information and Order Notes fields in WooCommerce

remove order notes field woocommerce

You can remove the Additional Information and Order Notes fields in WooCommerce checkout page with 2 filters that you add to your themes functions.php file View the code on Gist. The first filter woocommerce_enable_order_notes_field is returning false and will not display the ‘Additional Information’ heading and also the order notes field, I have found it needs to…

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WooCommerce Accordion Style Expand/Collapse Product Category Menu

Woocommerce Product Category Menu

Here is a jQuery solution for a WooCommerce accordion style menu for the product category menu that can be assigned with a WooCommerce widget, the menu works best when all product categories are assigned to a parent category. The Accordion menu will then expand and collapse on click with the first parent category appearing expanded,…

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Limit the Words in WooCommerce Product Short Description

Woocommerce Product Short Description

WooCommerce has a filter that can limit the words in a product short description field  called ‘woocommerce_short_description‘ – coupled with an existing WordPress function ‘wp_trim_words‘ we can make the description any length to suit teasers, sliders etc and leave other areas where we want the full short description. View the code on Gist. In the…

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Change WooCommerce Variation Dropdown Text

Woocommerce Dropdown Variation Text

You can change the default text in the product variation dropdown from ‘Choose an option‘…. to something else with the ‘woocommerce_dropdown_variation_attribute_options_args‘ filter. Add in your functions.php add_filter( ‘woocommerce_dropdown_variation_attribute_options_args’, ‘bt_dropdown_choice’ ); // /** * Change the custom dropdown “Choose an option” text on the front end */ function bt_dropdown_choice( $args ){ if( is_product() ) { $args[‘show_option_none’] =…

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Remove WooCommerce SKU: N/A Category in Products

Remove Woocommerce Sku

You can remove the WooCommerce sku line – SKU: N/A Category from products in WordPress by using the ‘wc_product_sku_enabled‘ filter. Just add in your theme’s functions.php file… add_filter( ‘wc_product_sku_enabled’, ‘__return_false’ ); This will remove the sku everywhere. Remove the SKU Item Conditionally You may want to keep the SKU info published on some categories or products only – you…

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