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Using Slick Responsive Navigation Mobile Menus on Genesis Child Theme


This guide uses a jQuery mobile responsive menu from Josh Cope and shows how you can use it for a mobile menu in a Genesis Child theme in WordPress. There is also a guide for regular WordPress themes here. Also I have made a plugin which will work  on Genesis and regular WordPress themes. SlickNav mobile menu is supports all modern…

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Add a CSS class to a menu or menu item in WordPress

CSS Classes can be added to a WordPress menu via a filter named – wp_nav_menu_args , a number of other parameters can also be added. Another filter nav_menu_css_class can also be used for actual list items. Adding a CSS Class to a menu function modify_nav_menu_args( $args ) { if( ‘primary’ == $args[‘theme_location’] ) { $args[‘menu_class’] = ‘menu…

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Remove Default Mobile Menu from Underscores


WordPress Underscores theme comes with a default primary menu that toggles to a mobile menu button at 600px wide. If your project requires using another mobile menu solution it is best to remove the existing one and here’s how.   You can disable this menu and behaviour by removing the wp_enqueue_script to the navigation.js file…

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Using MeanMenu Mobile with Genesis Theme

mean-menu genesis

This guide goes through using the lightweight jquery mobile menu meanmenu  in a Genesis Theme based on the Sample Theme.     Get the Assets Download the latest version of meanmenu from GitHub. Need to get two files in your child theme and also create a jquery initialise script. Move – jquery.meanmenu.min.js into your child theme js folder…

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