Using MeanMenu Mobile with Genesis Theme

mean-menu genesis

This guide goes through using the lightweight jquery mobile menu meanmenu  in a Genesis Theme based on the Sample Theme.     Get the Assets Download the latest version of meanmenu from GitHub. Need to get two files in your child theme and also create a jquery initialise script. Move – jquery.meanmenu.min.js into your child theme js folder…

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90 Menu Item Limit in WordPress Menu

Can’t add another item in an already stacked WordPress menu past the point of 90 items? When you save the menu after adding so many items they don’t save and the menu theme location is also lost! I guess there shouldn’t be that many items in a menu in the first place, but sometimes it may…

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Using Navgoco as a Vertical Multi-Level Menu in a WordPress Genesis Theme

Looking for a expandable/contractable Vertical Multi-Level Slide Menu in regular WordPress or Genesis themes, Navgoco has you covered. Create Your Menu Set up your custom menu as normal in WordPress Dashboard with multi levels and place into position via a widget area or simply use HTML mark up on a post or page, this example uses a…

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