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Add a CSS class on a current active menu item

Add Css Class Active Menu

With manual menus you may need to add a CSS class to the current menu item that is active, below is a jQuery solution, that utilizes the URL of the page to match the link and add the CSS. (function($){ $(function() { // Document Ready activeMenu(); }); // Functions // @link function activeMenu() {…

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Add Icons in Genesis Header and Footer Post Meta Info


You can easily add icons just before the labels in Genesis Entry and Footer Meta content, including… .entry-time .entry-author .entry-comments-link .entry-categories .entry-tags   The five metas can be targetted with some CSS pseudo selectors by adding the below CSS to your style.css So in the above the 5 regular metas are targetted, swap in your desired icon…

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Change the Genesis Meta Output, Post-Info, Post-Meta and Post-Terms

This tutorial takes you through changing the Genesis Meta Output, the Post-Info, Post-Meta and Post-Terms, post-info is typically at the top of a single post above or below the heading with dates, author and comments info, post-meta is at the foot of the post and includes category and tag info and post-terms applies to custom taxonomy…

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Centering The Last Item In A Flexbox Container


I’m using flexbox more and really liking it, I’ve hit an issue a few times with center aligning the last item in an uneven row of elements inside a flexbox row container when using the justify-content: space-between; flexbox property, you could use  justify-content: flex-start; – but when that won’t do, here is a solution  below. So…

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