Set Up LMD Maldet and ClamAV on ServerPilot and VULTR


Set up a malware scanner with LMD Maldet and ClamAV on ServerPilot and an instance like Vultr or Digital Ocean. One of the key server malware scanners is Linux Malware Detect and works very nicely scanning any Linux distribution, it keeps an updated database of known malware exploits from an updated registry. The Linux Malware Detect tool can also integrate…

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Changing the SSH Port in ServerPilot


ServerPilot comes with a default firewall which is enabled and comes in the form of a toggle in the ServerPilot control panel. The panel is a front for the ufw (uncomplicated firewall)  app which in turn is a front for ip tables but with a lower learning curve, by default the below rules are the…

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Automatically Update Your WordPress Plugins and Themes and Translations


WordPress allows you to automatically update your WordPress plugins and themes and translations by adding some PHP constants and filters to your WordPress installation. Constants are best off added in /wp-config.php and filters are preferred to be used in a wp-content/mu-plugins/ plugin, to create a mu-plugin is easy for example just create a updates.php file with the…

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Using ‘Local by FlyWheel’ as a Local Development Workflow for WordPress

Local by FlyWheel (previously known as Pressmatic) is a new WordPress local development solution which uses Docker container technology and VirtualMachines, the app takes care of all the installation and configuration of everything you need and can effortlessly spin up multiple WordPress sites with different configurations for PHP and web server as well as include SSL certs…

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Install and set up wp-cli WordPress on shared and local hosting

WordPress has a command line tool called wp-cli which operates similar to what Drush does for Drupal, it runs on OSX/Linux operating systems with a minimum of PHP 5.3.2 or later and WordPress 3.5.2. This guide will go through getting and installing wp-cli and basic usage it covers for either a local or production server environment. Install wp-cli curl…

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