How to update VVV for WordPress | Varying Vagrant Vagrants

I noticed that my version of VVV or Varying Vagrant Vagrants  was older than the current release and started to look into how to update VVV safely as I have done some customisations to it and added some additional files to the VVV main directory.

Move into your local VVV directory, halt vagrant and run git pull

vagrant halt
git pull

If you have changes or additions to the VVV install you will get an error…

neilg@[~/dev]:(develop) git pull
 Cannot pull with rebase: You have unstaged changes.
 Please commit or stash them.

Have a look at what the changes are by running git status

git status

So we have to run git stash first to store our changes first, this will remove them so we can sync the git repo with the later version and then we use git stash apply to bring them back. As for any added files, just don’t add them via git, leave them untracked, these along with all your sites will still be in the same location after you have successfully run git pull.

git stash

Then check if your repo is clean…

git status

Now you can pull down the later version

git pull

Then reapply your changes

git stash apply

You may get a merge conflict here, solve the conflict by looking at the file in question resolve the difference and then use git add to the file to remove the conflict.

Finally run

vagrant up --provision

Now your VVV is up to date