Background Images Disappearing in Beaver Builder on Site Deployment


Having a WordPress website built with Beaver Builder may lose its CSS background images when deploying from one location to another, this may be from local/staging to production or swapping between webhost environments. This can be typically resolved by nuking the Beaver Builder cache either via the Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > Cache Or…

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Git and WordPress workflow for Local Development to Staging Webserver

This guide shows a Git and WordPress workflow and demonstrates version control using Git from a local development environment on OSX to a staging site webserver. For the Database control we will use WP Migrate Pro. A second remote repo for a production server would also need to be added in a real world scenario. This guide just…

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Install and set up wp-cli WordPress on shared and local hosting

WordPress has a command line tool called wp-cli which operates similar to what Drush does for Drupal, it runs on OSX/Linux operating systems with a minimum of PHP 5.3.2 or later and WordPress 3.5.2. This guide will go through getting and installing wp-cli and basic usage it covers for either a local or production server environment. Install wp-cli curl…

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