Changing the SSH Port in ServerPilot


ServerPilot comes with a default firewall which is enabled and comes in the form of a toggle in the ServerPilot control panel. The panel is a front for the ufw (uncomplicated firewall)  app which in turn is a front for ip tables but with a lower learning curve, by default the below rules are the…

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Viewing and Changing WordPress Default Permissions


Many issues can go wrong if your WordPress default permissions have changed due to some unforeseen circumstance or a migration has gone bad due to some abnormal hosting environment. The default Linux permissions for most hosts WordPress sites are 644 for files and 755 for folders which is:  file is rw-r–r– folder is drwxr-xr-x For a file…

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Set Up Let’s Encrypt SSL on cPanel WHM Server


The free SSL service Let’s Encrypt is now available to use on a cPanel/WHM service for versions above 58.0.17, this was announced recently on the feature requests component of the cPanel website. Checking your cPanel/WHM Version   Check if your version is above 58.0.17 by logging into your WHM interface and checking the top right. If…

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Tomcat Server Install

Tomcat Server Https

You’ve bought your SSL secure certificate and successfully installed on Tomcat with the keytool but how do your redirect the entire site to go HTTPS and redirect any HTTP connection straight over to HTTPS. You need to edit the 2 Tomcat configuration files; server.xml and web.xml and then when edited restart the tomcat service. Open…

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