Set noindex nofollow on posts from specific category using Yoast WordPress SEO

Wordpress Seo Noindex Certain Posts

Using the Yoast WordPress SEO filter wpseo_robots filter you can set posts from a specific category to have the meta tag set with noindex/nofollow. add_filter( ‘wpseo_robots’, ‘yoast_seo_robots_remove_single’ ); /** * Set certain posts to noindex nofollow */ function yoast_seo_robots_remove_single( $robots ) { if ( is_single() && has_term( ‘uncategorized’, ‘category’ ) ) { return ‘noindex,nofollow’; }…

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Fix Google Search Console Coverage Errors – WooCommerce

Google Search Console Coverage Errors

Google Search Console alerts users when certain pages submitted in the sitemap are set to no-index and generates a coverage error, this can include WooCommerce pages like… /cart /checkout /my-account /?-add-to-cart These pages shouldn’t be cached or indexed and are correctly set to noindex, to remove the Search Console error you can add these pages…

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