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Add Icons in Genesis Header and Footer Post Meta Info


You can easily add icons just before the labels in Genesis Entry and Footer Meta content, including… .entry-time .entry-author .entry-comments-link .entry-categories .entry-tags   The five metas can be targetted with some CSS pseudo selectors by adding the below CSS to your style.css So in the above the 5 regular metas are targetted, swap in your desired icon…

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Change the Genesis Meta Output, Post-Info, Post-Meta and Post-Terms

This tutorial takes you through changing the Genesis Meta Output, the Post-Info, Post-Meta and Post-Terms, post-info is typically at the top of a single post above or below the heading with dates, author and comments info, post-meta is at the foot of the post and includes category and tag info and post-terms applies to custom taxonomy…

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Remove Post Info and Meta in Learn Dash Custom Post Types

Learn Dash for WordPRess has five custom post types; courses, lessons, quiz, topic and certificates – the custom post type registration names are sfwd-courses, sfwd-lessons, sfwd-quiz, sfwd-topic and sfwd-certificates respectively. To remove the default post info and post meta data from these custom post types in a Genesis theme use the following snippet in your functions.php file…

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Remove Post Meta from Category Archive Pages in a Genesis Theme in WordPress

Archive pages in a Genesis theme by default, include the post info which displays  the post author, post date and comments info and the post meta which displays the category and tag values.   You may want to have these values removed or edited for your Archive pages but leave them intact for regular posts. This is possible by adding an…

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