Create Equal Heights for Text Columns in a Row

To create equal heights for text columns in a row depending on data entered can be a CSS challenge, instead of futzing with CSS and height rules at different media queries there is a nice jQuery solution that automagically solves the layout aptly called… matchHeight.


So in the above I am using custom post types with custom fields, for title, company and a list of qualifications – only the title is mandatory, if all the content is not populated I have uneven height mess. The initial layout is achieved with % column widths and floats.

And below is using matchHeights.

equal columns of text

Using Match Heights

Setting it up

Download the latest version of matchHeights.

Move jquery.matchHeight-min.js into your /js folder and create an init file matchheight-init.js and enqueue them.

Make sure you set the target CSS class in the init file and that’s all there is to it. There are some extra options and values you can set just check out the matchHeights page.

Since I find myself using this a lot I have also created a plugin which allows you to do all the above without touching the code.