Create a slider of WooCommerce Product Featured Images

Here is how you can create a slider of WooCommerce product featured images using a jQuery slider.

There are many slider scripts you can use, this one uses Slick Center Mode, this one from Slick adds a CSS class on the center image by which you can target with CSS and add in transition  and transform effects.

Slick Center Mode Woocommerce Loop

Getting Slick in order

Download the latest Slick version.

Move into your CSS directory – slick.css, slick-theme.css, fonts, ajax-loader.gif

Move into your JS directory – slick.min.js

Create a slick-init.js file and also file in JS directory and add in…

    $('.featured-product-slider').slick({ //add CSS class of target
        dots: true,
        autoplay: false,
        speed: 900,
        autoplaySpeed: 2000,
        centerMode: true,
        centerPadding: '30px',
        slidesToShow: 3,
        responsive: [
            breakpoint: 768,
            settings: {
              arrows: false,
              centerMode: true,
              centerPadding: '40px',
              slidesToShow: 3
            breakpoint: 480,
            settings: {
              arrows: false,
              centerMode: true,
              centerPadding: '40px',
              slidesToShow: 1

Change any parameters to your choosing, I haven’t changed much in the above, just tweaked the speed, dots and autoplay settings.


Enqueue in the Scripts and Styles

Create the WooCommerce Loop

For the WooCommerce loop, I am creating a shortcode so I can easily insert anywhere [[woo_featured_image]]

That’s the bare bones of it, now a couple of CSS tweaks.

Changing the Slick Navigation Arrows and Fix Positioning

The default slick navigation arrows look pretty ordinary, you can swap those with Fontawesome icons  like..

.slick-prev::before {
    content: '\f053 ' !important;

.slick-next::before {
    content: '\f054' !important;

.slick-next::before {
	font-family: 'fontawesome' !important;
	color: #0c1b32 !important;
.slick-next:hover {
	border: none !important;

.slick-next:hover::before {
	border:none ! important;
	color: #ddbf54 !important;

button.slick-arrow:focus {
 	position: absolute !important;

Change the colors to suit, the last CSS rule above fixes the positioning of the nav arrows, I find sometimes that the Themes CSS may cause the arrows to jump on hover or active states.

For CSS for Slick Center Mode

.slick-center > div {
  transform: scale(1);

.slick-slide > div {
  transform: scale(.85);
  transition: transform 1s cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1);

.slider__item > img {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;

So the center image is 100% scale whereas the other can be set to a reduced scale – 85% in the above example – then use a transition effect for the animation.

Slick Woocommerce Images