Add Search & Filter Pro to Beaver Themer Post Module CPT Archive

You can use Search and Filter Pro with Beaver Builders Themer Post Module columns post layout, this guide goes through the tweaks needed and uses a CPT (custom post type) archive page.

Create your Posts Module CPT Archive Page via Themer

search & filter Pro Shortcode

Search & Filter Pro Shortcode


General Sfpro Columns Module

Columns Layout


General Sfpro Columns Main Query

Main Query – using CPT Archive


Create your Posts Module with the columns layout on a CPT Archive page with Beaver Themer and add in your Search and Filter Pros shortcode. The Posts Module has to use the main query.


Search & Filter Pro Settings

General Sfpro Columns

Example uses ‘Lights’ CPT


Display Results Sfpro Columns

Display Results settings

The key setting is to set the Ajax container ‘.fl-module-post-grid‘ and check the Ajax checkboxes as above. This CSS class will change depending on the layout chosen.

See a masonry example set up here.