Moving the Genesis Category/Archive Headline and Intro Text

In Genesis you can set an Category/Archive headline and intro text value inside the man Category edit area; WP Dasboard > Posts > Categories


The markup gets added in an .archive-description inside the main .content


This is fine in almost every instance, but if you apply a masonry style layout the title and intro are overlapped with absolute positioning.


The title and intro text need to be moved above the main content, add in your Child themes function.php file:

remove_action( 'genesis_before_loop', 'genesis_do_taxonomy_title_description', 15 );
add_action( 'genesis_before_content', 'genesis_do_taxonomy_title_description', 15 );

Resulting in no overlap, the title and intro are removed from the original location and added to a new one, this example uses the genesis_before_content, or change the destination hook to an area of your choice.




  1. Chip on March 6, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    For Custom Post Type Archives (in Genesis)

    //* Remove the archive title / description
    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_loop’, ‘genesis_do_cpt_archive_title_description’ );
    //* Add it back in above the content area
    add_action( ‘genesis_before_content’, ‘genesis_do_cpt_archive_title_description’ );

  2. Robert Khoo on August 15, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks for this. It has helped move the taxonomy titles on my site.

    One question, how would you achieve this with Archive headline for custom post types? The above only seems to affect post categories.

    Would love to hear.



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