With the new versions of WordPress available to download and test, here’s how to use wp-cli to download and configure it all from the Terminal, you need to have wp-cli and MySQL installed as well as the rest of a working AMP stack.

Launch Terminal and [optionally] create and change directory into your desired webroot.

Replace the placeholders in square brackets[] with your values and remove the square brackets.

Replace the placeholders in double quotes “” with your values and either keep or remove the double quotes.

Create a new blank database

mysql -u [USERNAME] -p[PASSWORD] -e "create database [DATABASE_NAME];"

Download the latest WordPress

wp core download --version=4.0-beta2

Create a Database wp-config.php file

wp core config --dbname="DBNAME" --dbuser="DBUSER" --dbpass="DBPASSWORD"

Finish the Install

wp core install --url="http://BLOG_URL"  --title="BLOG_NAME" --admin_user="ADMIN_USER" --admin_password="PASSWORD" --admin_email="ADMIN_EMAIL"

 Add Demo Content Plugin

wp plugin install wp-example-content

It may be useful to test the version with some content already populated, there a few plugins that do this, in the one above you can add a bunch of posts and pages.

Here are WordPress release archive download links.

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