Swapping WordPress SEO Plugins from Platinum SEO to Yoast SEO

Changing WordPress SEO

OK the time has come to change my WordPress SEO plugin , I want to change over to use the Yoast SEO Plugin.  I have been using Platinum SEO up until now, but I can’t help noticing more bells and whistles that the Yoast plugin comes with. The developer Joost de Valk seems to be all over WordPress and SEO and it’s time to jump in. Nothing wrong with Platinum SEO, it does a great job – but I fancy a change.

One of the initial issues faced is migrating the Platinum SEO data over to Yoast and then unbelievably we have a WordPress plugin that can do this too- (still waiting for the WordPress plugin that will give countless gold bars).

This plugin is SEO Data Transport and migrates like meta tags between various SEO plugins for WordPress, one of the good things is that it can analyse exactly what it can convert prior to actually converting it.



Here I can see that the three key meta tags can be successfully converted between Platinum SEO to Yoast, these tags being the title tag, description and keyword meta tags across all post and pages.

So on conversion the data in the PlatinumSEO fields is simply swapped into the corresponding Yoast field leaving the Platinum fields blank in each post and page. I did find a few posts where the conversion did not occur and I manually adjusted otherwise the majority worked just fine.

When the conversion had been done you need to deactivate the Platinum SEO plugin so the Yoast WordPress SEO settings become the default.