Centering The Last Item In A Flexbox Container


I’m using flexbox more and really liking it, I’ve hit an issue a few times with center aligning the last item in an uneven row of elements inside a flexbox row container when using the justify-content: space-between; flexbox property, you could use  justify-content: flex-start; – but when that won’t do, here is a solution  below. So…

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Add CSS3 Animations to your WordPress Theme


You can easily add CSS 3 animations to your WordPress Theme with the very easy and popular animate.css by Daniel Eden. Download the latest version and add the animate.min.css file to your themes directory in a css subdirectory. Enqueing the CSS After the animate.min.css is filed add to your themes functions.php file View the code on…

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Add a CSS class to a menu or menu item in WordPress

CSS Classes can be added to a WordPress menu via a filter named – wp_nav_menu_args , a number of other parameters can also be added. Another filter nav_menu_css_class can also be used for actual list items. Adding a CSS Class to a menu function modify_nav_menu_args( $args ) { if( ‘primary’ == $args[‘theme_location’] ) { $args[‘menu_class’] = ‘menu…

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Overriding JetPacks CSS Styles in WordPress

You can override JetPacks CSS styles without using the !important declaration with a few tweaks in your functions.php file. Currently the JetPack CSS style sheet is loaded late in the header of the document pretty much after your main theme’s style sheet, it is a 53kb minified style sheet which has CSS for a number…

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