Using ScrollNav to control long documents in WordPress

By Neil Gowran / November 10, 2014 /

Controlling long document display on a web page can be greatly enhanced with a Javascript solution like ScrollNav which collates all of a defined HTML element in a document like a heading tag such as a h2, puts all of the elements set up in a navigation markup done for you and keeps the links to the relevant…

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Swap Header Right and Title/Logo Area in Genesis Sample Theme

By Neil Gowran / October 16, 2014 /

How to swap Header Right and the Title/Logo Area mark up structure in Genesis Sample Theme. Genesis themes most of the time come with a header site title & description area on the left and widget area on the right, this is suitable a lot of the times but on occasion you may need this…

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Add a Custom Header Image in Genesis Sample Theme

By Neil Gowran / September 1, 2014 /

The Genesis Sample theme does not have a custom Header option in the Appearance sub-menu in WordPress Dashboard unlike all the other Genesis themes. Custom Headers are a native WordPress function that can be added to any theme including the Sample theme. This option can be easily added via a code snippet into your functions.php file. //*…

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Css Lint

How to check for CSS errors in your stylesheet with CSS LINT

By Neil Gowran / August 3, 2014 /

You’ve worked long and hard and slaved over your masterpiece but the CSS styles you wrote are just not being applied to your HTML, how can you check that the CSS syntax and formatting is correct? CSS Lint can do this for you. Got to the CSS LINT site and paste in your CSS. You…

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Using Navgoco as a Vertical Multi-Level Menu in a WordPress Genesis Theme

By Neil Gowran / June 12, 2014 /

Looking for a expandable/contractable Vertical Multi-Level Slide Menu in regular WordPress or Genesis themes, Navgoco has you covered. Create Your Menu Set up your custom menu as normal in WordPress Dashboard with multi levels and place into position via a widget area or simply use HTML mark up on a post or page, this example uses a…

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Add a Submit Button to the Search Input Field in Genesis Search Widget

By Neil Gowran / June 11, 2014 /

By default the Search widget in a Genesis WordPress theme does not have a submit button, just hitting enter on the keyboard will do the trick but what if you deadset want that clickable submit button back. Using the Genesis Sample Theme, this is how the search widget looks like when added in the Header Right and…

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Add a Full Width Responsive Header Image to a Genesis Theme

By Neil Gowran / June 1, 2014 /

You can add in a full width responsive image header into a Genesis child theme by using the header element and set a background image to it by setting a CSS rule. Using the Genesis sample theme as an example, in the above illustration the logo or site title will be handled with the .title-area div if…

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Faux Full Width Page Titles in a Genesis Child WordPress Theme

By Neil Gowran / May 30, 2014 /

  This layout calls for a full viewport width background color of the page title which is to appear on all pages, there are a defined amount of pages on the site with short titles. To achieve this effect using the sample Genesis child theme you can take advantage  of the .site-inner div Change the CSS .site-inner…

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Swap WordPress TwentyTwelve Mobile Menu to Slick Navigation Menu

By Neil Gowran / April 27, 2014 /

How to use Slick Navigation menus in a WordPress theme, you can use the jquery responsive menus in any theme, this guide will use a clean default WordPress TwentyTwelve child theme, remove the existing responsive mobile menu used and use the slick navigation menus instead. There is a Genesis version of the guide here. Also…

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Make a Read More Link with Dashicons for Posts in Genesis Child Theme

By Neil Gowran / April 5, 2014 /

By default in a Genesis Child and any WordPress theme the ‘read more‘ link in a post is not a link and is an ellipse surrounded by square brackets[…] There is a WordPress filter that allows this to be changed called excerpt_more, a function needs to be created and then passed into that filter. This…

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