Add an Extended Store Schema Type to ‘Business Profile’ WordPress Plugin


Business Profile WordPress plugin feeds some rich Google microdata schema to search, you can extend what is available in the plugin to other known schema for a business. This example uses a Florist as an example, Florist is a valid schema under Store but does not appear in the plugin dropdown options. For other valid schemas,…

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Add a Mobile Number Field to WordPress ‘Business Profile’ Plugin


Here’s how you can add an additional field like a mobile number to the Business Profile plugin. The plugin has many hooks and filters to allow us to create an extender style plugin as in the one below. We are utilising 3 filters bpfwp_settings_page, bpwfp_contact_card_defaults and bpwfwp_component_callbacks – 1 callback prefix_print_mobile and enqueueing some CSS to exisiting CSS with…

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Re-order WordPress Plugin ‘Business Profile’ Contact Fields


Business Profile plugin is a great SEO microdata schema WordPress plugin for business with a number of fields to display contact information and have rich schema in the markup. The fcontact ields are output in a default way… phone contact name address opening_hours map parent_organization address There is a filter that allows you to change…

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