Add a Numeric Pagination with Accessibility in the Beaver Builder Theme


The default WordPress post pagination used in Beaver Builder Theme uses wp_pagenavi() and gives output as below.   You can swap this single post navigation for a numeric display using the navigation function the_posts_pagination(), this also has the added benefit of using accessibility features for screen readers. First up is to make sure you copy…

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Add Custom Post Type Navigation Links in Genesis Themes


You can add post navigation links to custom post types in Genesis WordPress themes by using an existing function and just extending it. That function is genesis_prev_next_post_nav and is found in genesis/lib/structure/post.php The function just refers to posts in the code but you can extend that by adding your own custom post types to an array which then add the navigation…

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Add Single Post Navigation Links in Genesis

Genesis has a function which is not active (in most themes) that allows post navigation from older to later posts when viewing in single posts view. That function is genesis_prev_next_post_nav and is found in genesis/lib/structure/post.php So to add the navigation below the post, add a snippet to your themes functions.php,  you can use add_action( ‘genesis_entry_footer’, ‘genesis_prev_next_post_nav’ ); So here the…

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