How to turn off Auto-correct on macOS Big Sur for all applications

Auto-correct seems to be enabled by default in some macOS computers which can be a pain especially in Mail, and any application which you are typing a lot and simply don’t need it. Here is how to turn off auto-correct for macOS applications.

Put a stop to It Globally

Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences >

Macos Bigsur Autocorrect

Click on Keyboard > Text and turn  Autocorrect off by unchecking Correct spelling automatically

Macos Bigsur Autocorrect Disable

Turn off AutoCorrect per Application

Or if you see the benefits of it for most Applications and just want to disable one or two – then you can  do this in the Applications Edit Menu under Spelling and Grammar and disable ‘Check Spelling While Typing’

Apple Macos Keyboard Application

This also works on older macOS versions down to OSX 10.9 Mavericks.

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