Get an Array of Values from an ACF Repeater Choice SubField

Get an array of values from an ACF repeater sub-field choice box to use further in your code.


So in the sap_colors sub-field above I want to capture the red,blue and green values into an array and have that array reflect any further additions or deletions. You can get this via get_sub_field_object() function and you have to run it in a have_rows loop…

<?php if( have_rows('repeater_field') ): ?>

	<?php while( have_rows('repeater_field') ): the_row(); ?>


		// vars
		$select = get_sub_field_object('sap_colors');
		$value = get_sub_field('sap_colors');
		$sa_colors = $select['choices'];


	<?php endwhile; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

So above I am running the have_rows loop and using the get_sub_field_object on my repeater field I can get the values via $select[‘choices’] and declaring some variables for the array, now when I output my variable…

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

I have the array…

    [red] => red
    [blue] => blue
    [green] => green

Now if you add or delete more choices in the ACF field the array will be up to date.


*The linked ref uses has_sub_field() which is deprecated in favour of have_rows loop which is used in the above code snippet.

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