Change the Keyboard Shortcuts in Beaver Builder 2 Plugin

You can modify the Beaver Builder shortcut keys in the new version 2 plugin by using a filter   – fl_builder_keyboard_shortcuts that you add to your themes functions.php file

add_filter( 'fl_builder_keyboard_shortcuts', 'get_keyboard_shortcuts_mine' );
 * Modify the Beaver Builder 2 Keyboard shortcuts
function get_keyboard_shortcuts_mine( $data ) {
    $data['showModules']['keyCode'] = 'm';
    $data['showRows']['keyCode'] = 'r';
    $data['showTemplates']['keyCode'] = 't';
    $data['showSaved']['keyCode'] = 's';
    $data['saveTemplate']['keyCode'] = 'mod+t';    
    $data['previewLayout']['keyCode'] = 'p';
    $data['showGlobalSettings']['keyCode'] = 'mod+g';
    $data['showLayoutSettings']['keyCode'] = 'mod+l';
    $data['toggleUISkin']['keyCode'] = 'o';
    $data['showSearch']['keyCode'] = 'mod+c';
    return $data;


mod is the modifier key which would be command on mac and Ctrl on Windows, you can also use the real modifier key name if you want.

So change the keyboard shortcut value on the end of the required shortcut line in between the single quotes, I have listed all the shortcuts here that you can change with the filter – you don’t need to add all just the ones that you want changed.

Mine aren’t the default ones, I’ve already changed a few that make more sense to me – also you can’t use ‘command+s’ as that is used to save any unsaved changes.

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