Creating a loop of Bootstrap Modals

Foreach Loop Bootsrap Modals

To create a loop of Bootstrap style modals on a page, you can use a foreach or while loop in PHP. First, let’s do the code for one modal. Single Modal Code <!– Button to Open the Modal –> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-primary” data-toggle=”modal” data-target=”#myModal”> Open modal </button> <!– The Modal –> <div class=”modal” id=”myModal”>…

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Add Copyright Symbol and Year Date in PHP

Php Copyright Year

To add a copyright symbol and year date in PHP that updates with the current year, you can use the code below… &copy; <?php echo date (‘Y’); ?> An HTML entity is used for the copyright symbol, then you have an opening PHP declaration followed by an echo, which is rendering the year using the…

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What is a reference assignment in PHP?


A reference assignment in PHP in respect of variables is when a variable references another variable. So for example 2 variables… $a = ‘red’; $b = ‘blue’; echo $a . ‘<br>’; echo $b . ‘<br>’; The first echo output will produce ‘red’ and ‘blue’ Now change $b to reference $a $b =& $a; echo $a…

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What are Classes and Methods in OOP PHP


This tutorial is a beginners look at OOP(object oriented programming) in PHP and covers what a class, method and variables are as well as how to instantiate a class and add variables to it. a class in OOP Php A class in php is an object in object oriented programming or OOP, the class defines…

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