Add CSS3 Animations to your WordPress Theme


You can easily add CSS 3 animations to your WordPress Theme with the very easy and popular animate.css by Daniel Eden. Download the latest version and add the animate.min.css file to your themes directory in a css subdirectory. Enqueing the CSS After the animate.min.css is filed add to your themes functions.php file View the code on…

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Add Single Post Navigation Links in Genesis

Genesis has a function which is not active (in most themes) that allows post navigation from older to later posts when viewing in single posts view. That function is genesis_prev_next_post_nav and is found in genesis/lib/structure/post.php So to add the navigation below the post, add a snippet to your themes functions.php,  you can use add_action( ‘genesis_entry_footer’, ‘genesis_prev_next_post_nav’ ); So here the…

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