Create a Loop of Featured Images in a Slider from Posts in Genesis


You can create a slider of Featured Images from the posts in Genesis by creating a custom loop and using Slick Slider. Setting Up Slick Slider First download and set up the Slick files needed, you’ll need to file these in your theme’s js and css directories: slick.min.js ~> js slick-theme.css ~>css ajax-loader.gif ~>css fonts/ ~>css…

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Custom Genesis Loop on Blog Archive Page

To customise the Genesis loop on the blog page only, the blog page can be conditionally selected,  the loop removed on that page only and a custom loop inserted. The blog page is selected with is_home, the genesis_do_loop is removed and a new loop wpb_change_home_loop is inserted. The core markup for the genesis_do_loop is found in the…

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