Give Comments Fields Some Full Width Love


Looking at the WordPress comments field input fields in Genesis on mobile leaves you a bit shortchanged…   Give them a full width feeling… @media only screen and (max-width: 860px) { .comment-respond input[type=”email”], .comment-respond input[type=”text”], .comment-respond input[type=”url”] { width: 100%; } } Just change the max-width value to the pixel number that you want the…

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Using Customizer to add a CSS background image to widget in WordPress

Here is a guide to add a single background image to a widget using the Customizer in WordPress, I have written up on this topic before utilising some Genesis code used in the Altitude Pro theme to be able to use on other  Genesis themes but here I just want to break it down to one single image for…

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Add inline CSS style to existing WordPress Plugin or Theme

WordPress facilitates the use of injecting inline CSS to an existing plugin or themes’ CSS via a function called wp_add_inline_style. This avoids echoing out a bunch of CSS using wp_head and is considered better practice. One of the beneficial reasons is that it only appears where the existing plugin or themes CSS appears, that is, it may not…

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