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Disable WooCommerce Payments credit card/debit card gateway on Checkout

Multiple Stripe Gateway Woocommerce

To use Apple Pay as a payment gateway on WooCommerce, you’ll either need the older Stripe or newer WooCommerce Payments plugin the latter being more heavily promoted by Woo and WordPress. When using the WooCommerce Payments plugin which is powered by Stripe, as well as an Apple Pay payment gateway you also get a Stripe…

Send Full Product Details over WooCommerce Webhook Action Hook

Woocommerce Webhook Action

WooCommerce has a webhook feature that allows you to send product data to a webhook url when a certain product status is made. The configuration of the webhooks is at WooCommerce>Settings>Advanced>Webhooks The product states to choose from to fire the webhook are referred to as Topics and include states like Order Created, Order Updated and…

Restrict WooCommerce Shipping Calculator to Specific Countries and States

Shipping Countries States Woocommerce

Here is how you can restrict specific Countries and States in WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, so a user can only select from what is available. Countries The Countries field is handled inside WooCommerce General Settings. Change the ‘Selling Location’ to ‘Sell to specific countries then add the countries you want in the next field. States For…

How to make both City and Postcode fields required in WooCommerce Shipping Calculator

Woocommerce Shipping Fields Calculator

Both the City and Postcode/ZIP fields in the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator are not compulsory for the user to fill in, you may need them mandatory for a better user experience to calculate certain shipping conditions. Both the Suburb and Postcode fields are input fields inside a form which allows us to use the required attribute,…

Minimum System Requirements for macOS Monterey 12, can your Mac run it?

Macos Monterey

Find out if your Apple computer meets the minimum system requirements of the latest operating system, macOS Monterey 12, can your Mac run it. Apple have announced their latest operating system in June 2021 and named it macOS Monterey, which will be version macOS 12 it is the successor to Big Sur. The name Monterey…

Find out how many inodes you are using on a hard disk or in a directory?

How Many Inodes On Disk

Inodes are like pseudo files that manage the metadata about the actual files and folders on the filing system, they don’t have any data in them. Most hosting plans have a limitation on inodes – so you need to know how many inodes there are and where they are being used if you need to…

Add WooCommerce Action Hook via Shortcode

Add Woocomerce Hook Shortcode

Some WordPresss WooCommerce templates provided by themes or page builders may not include all the WooCommerce action hooks which may hinder your woo development as you add in more Woo featured, luckily it is possible to add in Woo hooks with shortcode. add_shortcode( ‘woohook’, function( $atts ) { $atts = shortcode_atts( array( ‘hook’ => ”,…

Make a whole container a clickable link in Bricks Builder

Bricks Container Clickable

To add a link to a whole container element in a Bricks Builder layout you need to use some jQuery to add the link tag markup to make the whole container clickable. There needs to be 1 link already within the containers nested elements – that is the link that will be used for the…

Increase the Upload Size for MySQL Database in cPanel with phpMyAdmin

Increase Size Upload Mysql Php

cPanel/WHM Server imposes a limit on the size of importing a WordPress MySQL database that can be imported into phpMyAdmin. The default size is 50MB which is set in the cPanel/WHM settings. You can change the settings either in cPanel or separately in WHM depending on what you have available. Failing that there are other ways…