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Remove WooCommerce CSS Styles and Scripts From Pages That Don’t Need It


WooCommerce loads three core CSS style sheets on every page and post when installed on a WordPress site. You can save a bit of page load time here by removing the styles and scripts from pages and content that do not need it . It also loads a bunch of other javascripts and CSS styles…

Image Carousel Thumbnail Slider with SwiperJS and ACF in WordPress

Here is a guide on how to make an image carousel thumbnail slider with SwiperJS and ACF in WordPress. (I have done a similar tutorial with LightersliderJS but that library is no longer updated). Using SwiperJS, I just want to display simple thumbnails below the main image which on click/touch show the image in the…

Where is the bash shell in macos Big Sur and Catalina?

Macos Catalina Zsh Shell

The bash shell in macos Big Sur and Catalina has been demoted to the subs bench with the newer zsh shell is now the default shell in use by the new operating system. Also known as the Z shell, it has been around a while, since 1990 (bash was 1988), it is still a Unix…

Add a CSS class to WooCommerce Shop Page

Woocommerce Add Css Shop Page

Using the filter body_class with the is_shop conditional you can target the main WooCommerce shop page by adding a CSS class. add_filter( ‘body_class’, ‘woo_shop_class’ ); // Add WooCommerce Shop Page CSS Class function woo_shop_class( $classes ) { if ( is_shop() ) // Set conditional $classes[] = ‘woo-shop’; // Add Class return $classes; } The above…

Removing the Product Meta ‘Categories’ on a Product Page – WooCommerce


WooCommerce product categories are displayed at the bottom of a product page just under the add to cart button. You can remove these from the layout by removing the woocommerce_template_single_meta action from the product summary, in your themes functions.php add in … remove_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_template_single_meta’, 40 ); This will remove the categories aka product meta from…

Upgrade/Downgrade website versions of WordPress with wp-cli

Downgrade Different WordPress Version

You can use wp-cli to upgrade or downgrade to particular versions or releases of WordPress. See the installed version of current WordPress wp core version or with more info: wp core version –extra Update to latest version of WordPress wp core update Update to specific version of WordPress wp core update –version=5.5.3 Install or downgrade…

Sort WooCommerce products in cart order by price

Sort Woocommerce Cart Order By Price

By default the WooCommerce cart is ordered by when products are ordered in sequence, this can be manipulated with the woocommerce_cart_loaded_from_session hook. A new array is created $products_in_cart and the carts content is looped with the key of the array being the price $product->get_price(), the array is then sorted with asort or arsort before being…

Sort WooCommerce products from product category to be last in cart order

Woocommerce Cart Product Category Last

From a selected WooCommerce product category sort products to be at the end of a carts order. add_action( ‘woocommerce_cart_loaded_from_session’, ‘product_category_cart_items_sorted_end’ ); /** * WooCommerce – sort some Prod Cat items to be last order in cart * @link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65800801/sort-specific-product-category-cart-items-at-the-end-in-woocommerce */ function product_category_cart_items_sorted_end() { $category_terms = __(‘box’); // Here set your category terms (can be names,…

WooCommerce cart total count minus certain product category

Woocommerce Increment Quantities Cart

I have a client that sells boxes and units of a product – for the units they need to be sold in multiples of 6, for the boxes it doesn’t matter, so I need the cart total to be less the boxes total and checked to see if it is divisible by 6 – if…