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Increase the Upload Size for MySQL Database in cPanel with phpMyAdmin

Increase Size Upload Mysql Php

cPanel/WHM Server imposes a limit on the size of importing a WordPress MySQL database that can be imported into phpMyAdmin. The default size is 50MB which is set in the cPanel/WHM settings. You can change the settings either in cPanel or separately in WHM depending on what you have available. Failing that there are other ways…

How to make your SSH Terminal shell sessions last longer on macOS

Macos Ssh Session Longer

If you find that your SSH shell sessions to remote computers are timing out too quickly with the error “Write failed: Broken pipe”, you can make a simple configuration to keep these sessions going as long as you have your terminal shell window running:  Move into your SSH settings folder cd ~/.ssh Create a local…

How to Find & Delete Files in Directory by Modification Date in Linux

Find Delete Files Linux Modified Date

How to find and delete files in a Linux directory based on when the file had been modified from a certain amount of days ago – this can be useful for dealing with directories with copious amounts of files like email boxes and log folders. First to see the files modified or created based on…

Difference between a Symbolic Link and a Finder Alias in macOS

Symbolic Link Alias Macos

A Symbolic or Soft Link is a traditional Unix link to an original file or directory which  can reside anywhere on the filing system, the linked file when opened as a file or directory has the same contents as the original and if you edit the linked file or add content to the linked directory…

Filter & Change WooCommerce ‘Place Order’ Text Button on Checkout Page

Change Woocommerce Place Order Button

You can filter and change WooCommerce’s ‘Place Order’ Text Button on the Checkout Page using the filter woocommerce_order_button_html   The default mark up of the Place Order checkout button is: <button type=”submit” class=”button alt” name=”woocommerce_checkout_place_order” id=”place_order” value=”Place order” data-value=”Place order”>Place order</button> You can use the filter like so: add_filter( ‘woocommerce_order_button_html’, ‘custom_order_button_html’); function custom_order_button_html( $button )…

Reset Permissions to WordPress Site for Files and Directories

Wordpress File Folder Permissions

If your permissions are incorrect for files and folders in a webroot domain of a WordPress site more than likely you’ll get a server 500 error. Here is how to fix them by resetting the permissions via the command line, especially using the correct defaults for a cPanel domain or other web server for files…

Add a required checkbox field in WooCommerce checkout page

Add Woocommerce Checkbox

Here is how you can add a required checkbox field in the WooCommerce checkout page that forces a user to checkbox the request before they can proceed to payment, similar to the terms and condition checkbox. WooCommerce Form Field Add the code in your functions.php – the example uses the a new checkbox field named…

A look at various types of CSS selectors and differences between them.

Css Cascade

CSS styling can get very specific and you can target less classes and IDs in the HTML markup, and instead target cascading HTML elements – here we take a look at the various CSS Selectors, and give some simple examples of how the selector is written and what it targets. Descendant Selector The descendant selector…

Install Git on macOS Big Sur and earlier with Homebrew or Packaged File

Install Git Macos

You can install Git on macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, Sierra, or an older Mac OSX version by a couple of options, one is to use Homebrew to install Git by installing Homebrew first and then issuing: brew install git You can also download install a easy to install package file getting the latest git…