Add HTML [br] break tag to a Widget Title in WordPress

By default you can’t add HTML to a Widget Title in WordPress, such as a break tag <br>, you can get around this by adding a filter to allow shortcode to the title area…. In functions.php file in your child theme add: add_filter(‘widget_title’, ‘do_shortcode’); add_shortcode(‘br’, ‘ng_shortcode_breaktag’); function ng_shortcode_break( $attr ){ return ‘<br />’; } Now…

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How to Create Custom WordPress Template Posts, Pages, Headers, Footers and Sidebars

How to create new WordPress templates for your theme including posts, pages, headers, footers and sidebars. To change the WordPress home page edit the index.php in the main theme  if using a child theme, just copy and then edit the file in your child theme folder alternatively you can create/edit front-page.php  – this will take priority over the index.php To make a…

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Tomcat Server Install

Tomcat Server Https

You’ve bought your SSL secure certificate and successfully installed on Tomcat with the keytool but how do your redirect the entire site to go HTTPS and redirect any HTTP connection straight over to HTTPS. You need to edit the 2 Tomcat configuration files; server.xml and web.xml and then when edited restart the tomcat service. Open…

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