Create a Loop of Featured Images in a Slider from Posts in Genesis


You can create a slider of Featured Images from the posts in Genesis by creating a custom loop and using Slick Slider. Setting Up Slick Slider First download and set up the Slick files needed, you’ll need to file these in your theme’s js and css directories: slick.min.js ~> js slick-theme.css ~>css ajax-loader.gif ~>css fonts/ ~>css…

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Setting up SVG Fallback Images in WordPress

SVG images are almost 96% supported in browsers but need a bit of backward compatibility for the 4% of stragglers, out of the box WordPress does not support the upload of SVG images via the media loader but you can circumnavigate that by adding the image format to the list of allowed types. There is a…

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Add Fallback Featured Image in Genesis


To set a fall back featured image in Genesis if one is not set, you can use a parameter in the filter genesis_get_image, in the code below I want to target a particular category and use a dashicon icon if the featured image is not set. This icon (or image) will then appear on the archive page. The genesis_get_image…

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